Snoop's Dream Marijuana Strain ReviewWhen you think about Rock n Roll you think about the Beatles. When you think about weed, you think about Snoop Dogg. Snoop is easily the poster boy for marijuana usage and legalization. And now he has his name forever immortalized in his very own strain. If you like powerful weed you will want to read this Snoop’s Dream Marijuana Strain Review.

It doesn’t stop there the Snoopster has his own line of marijuana related products. I reviewed a couple myself. You can read the review right here. It’s not a bad little vaporizer actually. But I like this strain even more.

I became a big fan of Snoops only a few years ago while in Jamaica. I had the great fortune of living in Negril for a couple months. Snoop happened to be there as well. He was recording his first reggae album. I am too old to really know or appreciate a whole lot of rap. But I like a song here and there. But, after meeting Mr Dogg I started listening to his older stuff and really like it a lot. Now I get a kick out of smoking his strain in his vaporizer while listening to his music. I know, I m a little strange.

Snoop's Dream Marijuana Strain ReviewSnoop’s Dream Marijuana Strain Review

Snoop’s Dream is really a dream strain. It’s a perfectly balanced hybrid. The sativa/indica split is a perfect 50/50. But that is just the start. Snoop is a powerhouse. Because the THC levels are upwards of 26%. So, this stuff will have you rolling with the homeys. Trust me. The only other strain I have tried recently that comes close is the Trix strain. You can actually read that review right here.

Snoop Dream is a hybrid. It’s the result of combining Master Kush and Blue Dream. These are 2 powerful strains. You can read Alejandro’s Master Kush review here. Kush strains are always powerful and Snoop’s 26% is no different. The best part for me is the taste. Blueberry sweetness exudes with each hit. And the aroma that fills the room is pungent and lingers.

So, grab some Gin and Juice and give Snoop a try, yea mon!