Snickerdoodle Marijuana Edibles ReviewCompassion Edibles just put a new twist on a cookie classic. Yes my friends the Snickerdoodle is back and ready to whoop your ass with 100 mgs of THC packed into a giant sugar cookie. That’s right people. Get ready to have your doodle snickered in today’s Snickerdoodle Marijuana Edibles Review. When is the last time you ate a Snickerdoodle? If you never have you have been missing out on the best cookie in cookie history. But no worries my friends, she’s back. She’s big. And she is delicious and powerful.

These San Franciscan manufacturers have been perfecting their culinary edibles for close to 20 years. So you know you’re getting quality with any of the great creations in their edibles line.

What I really like is the size. A big giant cookie is so much fun to eat. You can’t buy a nice big cookie at the super market. You usually need to go to a bakery for that. Until now that is. The bakers over at Compassion Edibles have got your bakery fresh cookie requirements covered.

The wife and made a wicked dessert for this occasion. We split one cookie each in a dish with some Ben and Jerry’s vanilla ice cream. Oh, yes it was great. And so was the high. It came on relatively quick. It was not overpowering but it was certainly was strong. One half of this over sized cookie is more than enough for any user.

Snickerdoodle Marijuana Edibles ReviewSnickerdoodle Marijuana Edibles Review

You might remember Tainted Edibles if you’re old like me. They became Compassion Edibles back in 2007. And they have been perfecting their craft ever since with passion and compassion.

They use only the finest ingredients in all their products. They pride themselves on fresh baked treats and use all natural, organic and GMO free items. The 10 mgs is quite a lot and very strong. 50 mgs of THC is enough to get even the most seasoned user very high.

So, if you want a real classic sugar cookie and the best damn Snickerdoodle you have ever put in your mouth, you have come to the right place.