Smoking Styles 1Everyone has their preferred way to smoke, or a certain thing they like better in certain times. I am going to share with you when and why I like what. Maybe you can take away a little bit on how to discover your own personal smoking style.

1. Blunts: 

So blunts have to be my personal favourite way to smoke. There is just something about the sweet or smooth taste of a flavoured paper that really makes my morning. Especially with a good cup of tea and a nice blue sky.

2. Bong Rips:

This must be my second favourite, I like having a nice sativa when i’m feeling really good, or really sad. Either way a bong rip always makes me feel better.

3. Dabs:

Smoking Styles 2Dabs are probably my least favourite way to get high. Only due to the type of high it gives me. I prefer something mellow, mostly head highs. Dabs are great for when I just want to sit around and do nothing, or when I am trying to sleep.

4. Pipe Rips:

These are mostly my “I probably don’t have time for anything else, but I want to get high” kind of thing. Pipe rips are good for that on the go kind day.

5. Vaporizer:

Firstly, this isn’t something I have tried much, but I have definitely tried it. From a volcano to a simple pen. I’ve tried it and i’ll be completely honest. It’s a good pick me up in my opinion. Very mellow and a good way to be during the day.

6. Classic Joint:

Smoking Styles 3Another favourite of mine, something that is a great start and end to the day. Something I love at pretty much any time.

7. Spliff:

A spliff is something I smoke when I don’t need to be too high, but still want that buzz, or the pain relief effects.