If you enjoy smoking an evenly burning joint that is smooth and natural, then look no further. This Smoking Maiz Corn Rolling Paper Review ought to convince you that you have found a new way to enjoy your tobacco or herb. Why use traditional bleached and chemically manufactured rolling papers when you have Mother Nature at your disposal?

I do not like regular store bought rolling papers. So much so, that I rarely get to enjoy a good joint. I have seen the world change before my eyes. I am older now. And I have been smoking God’s good greenery for many, many moons. There were no such things as vape pens and vaporizers when I was in High School. And, now there are so many products out there and different ways to enjoy weed, it is hard to keep track of them all. 

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I have now learned to use vaporizers, electronic cigarettes, and every crazy bong and bubbler in between. But nothing satisfies me more than a long slow drag on a good joint. This is probably due in part to the fact that I quit smoking a few years ago and still desire the burn. I was lucky enough to discover e-cigarettes, which I use and work fantastically.

But I do miss the real thing. And so, when I get the chance to get high, you bet your ass I want to smoke a joint. And up until now I would occasionally bite the bullet and get a typical pack  of zig zags and choke down a joint. Not that it’s awful, it’s not. However, if I have the chance to improve my overall enjoyment and protect my health then I am all about that. 


Smoking Maiz Corn Rolling Paper Review

Smoking Maiz is that exact alternative I was looking for. Not only do the papers burn great, they add a really cool little hint of corn flavor to my stash. I was a bit optimistic at first but quickly became a believer. And now, I use them all the time and I am always eager to turn on a friend to corn papers.

Maize is the Indian word for corn in case you didn’t already know that. They have a cool subtle yellow color and add just the right hint of tasty, burnt corn. And, you know quality and care are in the product. They are manufactured by the world famous rolling paper company Smoking

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The Smoking company has long been based out of Spain. And, having spent a considerable amount of time in Spain, I can tell you first hand that Spaniards know corn. And they know smoking.

These papers are “Spanish size” which is 77mm by 44mm.  Also, you get 49 per pack( at $1.25) which is nice. Or, one box. which holds 50 packets.

So you won’t need to run down to the corner grocery store anytime soon. Trust me. So, if you are down for an Earthy, natural smoke, Smoking Maiz Papers are going to delight you.

It was fun to bring you our  Smoking Maiz Corn Rolling Paper Review. Give them a try and let us know what you think.