Skunk Rolling Papers ReviewSkunk, the original Hemp rolling papers have expanded their line of products to include some of the best rolling papers on the market today. I have been using these for years. But only now am I ready to offer you my ┬áSkunk Rolling Papers Review. I remember the very first time I smoked a joint. We were about 14 years old and on the way to school when the older kids called us over to show us something cool. I had never even heard about weed. They said, “Here try this.” I asked, “Is it a cigarette? It looks weird.”

It was right then on the street that I got my marijuana education. I was a crazy kid and so it sounded like a good idea to me. Well, it was and it wasn’t. I missed school that day. But I did have an adventure of a lifetime that has led to a lifetime of marijuana usage. The details of that day are too long to go into here. But I will tell you about when I got home. My Mom opened the door and as I walked by her she yelled,” Go take a shower. you smell like a Skunk'” If she only knew.

Skunk Rolling Papers Review

These are a solid and reliable go to paper for the everyday or all day smoker, like me. Skunk Papers have been around for over 20 years. They are thought to be the very first commercial pure Hemp rolling papers. They are extra thin. So they leave very little after taste and burn smoothly. The 1 1/4 size is great for fat green buds. Not only is the paper pure hemp, the gum is 100% all natural as well.

Skunk Rolling Papers ReviewI do not know how they do it over at Skunk Brand. But these papers are super thin and somehow they are super slow buring. This is why they are not only a great seller, they actually have a very loyal fan base. This is in part to their very cool logo and character Stinky. Everyone who uses these papers wants a T-shirt with Stinky on it. How could you not look at how cute he is.

Another nice thing is they come in four fun flavors. They include my favorite Skunkalicious, Blackberry , Hawiian and Strawberry. Skunk also manufactures a Hemp Wrap which you can pick up for $150 per 2 pack.

Skunk Rolling Papers Review – Final Thoughts

The Skunk is a fun Brand. Their rolling papers are what make them a force to be reckoned with. The best feature is that it is an all natural product. Yes, the logo is cute but that is not what sold me. I like the thin slow burn. Its as simple as that. In closing, I had a really funny Skunk joke I wanted to tell. But I have decided not to tell it. Because it Stinks !