Six Shooter Pipe Review I have a new favorite pipe. So you all get a new Six Shooter Pipe Review. This pipe is super cool. It is one of the more fun pipes I have bought in a long time. In honor of my new purchase and in light of my overbrimming excitement, I planned a party for the same night. I invited over my 3 buds and we downloaded the classic movie, “The Good The Bad and The Ugly.” I hadn’t seen the flick in years. We forgot how great a movie it is. Clint Eastwood’s character was so cool.

Anyway, we got down to toking and having a few cold brewskies. There is really no greater joy than a good movie, some sweet purple herb and ice cold beer. Hell, we were haivng a gool ole time when Doug came up with  brilliant idea. We each packed our own stash in its own individual chamber and invented a game. Everytime some got shot in the moive we had to pass around the pipe. As a result, half way through the moive we were all zombified. The Six Shotter Pipe had gunned us all down.

Six Shooter Pipe Review

Six Shooter Pipe Review In one way this is like six pipes in one. This is due to the fact that you put different buds in each chamber. It makes smoking fun and the option to have variety is great. The Six Shooter is small at 5 inches long making it very portable. I like to take it with me on long car rides. I normally smoke out the entire chamber then I simply swivel the chamber and start a different strain. It is perfect.

The naval brass construction is solid and heavy, made of aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel. And its a well crafted pipe. The revolving drum and six seperate rotating bowls are just the right size. One screen stays in place and works great.

Six Shooter Pipe Review – Conclusion

This is a must have for any collection. It is fun and cool and there is absolutely nothing like it on the market today. It comes off as a bit of a gimmick but it really is not, in my opinion. Really, its┬ávery well made. Moreover is the fact that whole six shooter gun idea actually serves a purpose. In conclusion, I really like my Six Shooter. So, “You feeling lucky Punk?” “Go ahead and make my day,” and get one for $59.99. Go.