Six Chamber Magnetic Disc Pipe ReviewGet ready for the best in stealth and portability. This award winning pipe will change how the “on the go” smoker looks at smoking. This Six Chamber Magnetic Disc Pipe Review will look at one of the best discretion pipes ever to hit the market. There are many superlatives that I could use to describe this fun pipe but I will let the pipes speak for itself.

When I got mine in the mail I didn’t even bother opening it for a almost a month. I was busy. I was planning some trips and I simply figured this is another throw away pipe that I will get to when I have the time. On the day I was ready to take a train to New York I couldn’t find my “then go to” pipe. I happened to find the still unopened box sitting on my desk. I grabbed it. And I threw it in my backpack. And I headed out.

When I got to my crappy hotel on the Jersey side of the river I dropped my bags and headed down to the lobby bar. I had two drinks that were way over priced and very stingy on the booze and decided to head up to my room to chill out. Then I opened The PUK Pipe.

Six Chamber Magnetic Disc Pipe Review

Six Chamber Magnetic Disc Pipe ReviewThe best thing about a multi-chamber portable pipe is that all you need is the pipe. There is no repacking required. When I am in a club a bar or a nightclub the last thing I want to have is a bag a of weed in my pocket. The PUK solves this problem better than any other portable. You can pack 6 little bowls.

For under $50 dollars you get a quality, heat resistant, pyrex borosilicate glass pipe. It’s really like getting 6 one hitters in one compact pipe. Also, the lid is magnetic, so no worries about losing herb in your pocket. The kit includes nice brass screens. And it comes in a nice little protective box.

It’s easy to see why this won Best Glass Pipe at the Cannabis Cup.  The PUK incorporates value, portability, discretion and functionality in a 3 inch wide multi-chamber pipe. What more do you want for 50 bucks?