Sidekick Vaporizer ReviewThe Sidekick is a great portable vaporizer from the fine folks over at 7th Floor vapes. We are thrilled to present our Sidekick Vaporizer Review.  I really love this for all the right reasons. I was hesitant to lay down the hefty $299 dollar price tag but couldn’t be happier that I took the chance. This bad boy comes with every extra imaginable. I love getting free stuff on top of just the standard vaporizer and a charger.The Sidekick puts out a nice cloud, holds a decent charge and has more than an average size capacity for dry herb. The Sidekick is also the sharpest looking design I have found on the market with a sweet LCD display and lots of colors to choose from.


The Sidekick is a perfect portable unit size-wise and as far as functionality. It burns dry herb and concentrates with a conduction heating system. And t comes with a handmade glass mouthpiece and weighs in at about 265 grams and is solidly built. Also, it is pretty heavy but really feels great in the hand and isn’t as bulky as other units the same size. It is 5 inches tall and a little over an inch wide.

Unlike many of comparable vaporizers the Sidekick offers 21 different temperature settings. The stirring tool is built right into the lid which is great. I always lose things like that so this was another pleasant surprise. It only takes about 30 seconds to heat up, unlike many units that take over a full minute.The thing I really love is the battery situation. You get 2 sets18350 3.7v 800MAH removable, rechargeable Li-Ion batteries, that is a total of 4 batteries, WOW ! Nothing rankles me more than having a dead battery. This won’t happen if you have The Sidekick. The docking station recharges 2 batteries at once. I love it!Sidekick Vaporizer Review 1


The other extras include 2 cleaning brushes, that’s a first, and they even throw in alcohol cleaning pads. You get a Phillips head screw driver, with a steel pricker, a scooper/tong thingy, and lubricant (actual coconut oil). The mouthpiece is elegant and the carrying case is perfect.

You can really crank up the heat to get a bigger cloud or a stronger hit without worrying about burning out the unit.  The Sidekick incorporates a “vortex vapor cooling rod” Not sure what that means but it sure makes for a smooth hit. You can play with the settings until you find the blend that works for you as far as throat hit, vapor density and smoothness of the draw.


Sidekick Vaporizer Review

Sidekick Vaporizer Review 2The Sidekick is an ideal portable. It is great for sharing as it holds the charge for 30-40 minutes. But with the extra batteries in your carrying case this should not be an issue unless your driving across country without stopping to sleep. One surprising downside is the warranty. You only get a one year coverage and they tack on $80 to extend for another 2 years. Lesser products offer a lifetime warranty. But certainly don’t let that be a deal breaker.

The Sidekick is very well crafted. I didn’t bother with the extra $80 dollars as I was already way over budget at $299. I have had no issues and have dropped it twice. It is durable. It is solid. This is a reliable portable.

I have not found any other vaporizer that performs as well, comes with as many extras or makes me happier.We hope our Sidekick Vaporizer Review was helpful. We give it a Big Thumbs Up !