Sherlock Holmes Pipe ReviewIf you are not familiar with the House of Peterson of Dublin then this Sherlock Holmes Pipe Review will be a real treat. Today we will be looking at one of their exsquisite pipes from their World Renowned Sherlock Holmes Collection. This is exciting. Let’s do it.

Everyone knows Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s legendary detective and his adventures. Sherlock Holmes and his trusty sidekick make up some the most treasured literary works of all time. Moreover, just about any half serious movie goer can tell you who Basil Rathbone is if asked.

I remember seeing him in “The Kiss of the Spider Woman” made way back in 1943. And, no I did not see the movie at the theatre. Seriously, I am a whole lot younger than that , but thanks. There was Basil Rathbone pensively puffing on that pipe that would become his undying trademark and forever change the way the world saw Sherlock Holmes. Therefore, the image of Rathbone and his pipe is forever be ingrained in our hearts and minds.

Sherlock Holmes Pipe Review

Sherlock Holmes Pipe ReviewWe should start off by saying that this extraordinary pipe comes with a price tag of $1,180 Dollars. This is not a kids toy here or a head shop mass production by any means. The Rathbone is designed with the consummate smoker in mind. And, although it is obviously designed for the tobacco smoker, it is especially wondorous for the dry herbs and green buds. The Rathbone is beyond luxurious. And it smokes better than any pipe you have ever put in your mouth. This shape is classic Bent Billiard. The length is just short of 6 inches. And the height is just over 2 inches. Best of all, it is light enough to use hands free. It only weighs 2 ounces. And the bowl is deep and wide.

Sherlock Holmes Pipe Review

In conclusion, the bottom line is that you can not buy a better quality pipe anywhere in the world. So, if you are a collector this is a no brainer. You have to have this. And, it will be your golden show piece. But, that is only if you can afford it.

Finally, a Sherlock Holmes Rathbone Pipe is pure elementary My Dear Watson.