Is that a shark breathing down your neck? No its just me exhaling today’s Shark’s Breath Marijuana Strain Review for your reading pleasure. This 80% Indica strain is a descendant of Bob Marley’s favorite, Jamaican Lamb’s Breath. But its not only the Lamb. Its also a hybrid mix from Great White Shark, White Widow and Super Skunk. That is one famous family right there. Move over Kardashians. There’s a new shark in town. 

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“We’re going to need a bigger Bong”. (That’s a Jaws joke for youngsters out there.) I am not that old really. I was a kid when Jaws came out. But I remember that summer when no one would go in the ocean. That movie scared the crap out of every American teenager from California to Boston. 

In my early 30’s I lived on the island of Martha’s Vineyard for about 4 years. That is one stoney island. Everyone who lives there smokes herb. Its because its a vacation island for movie stars. So, the only year round residents are carpenters and house painters. I was a stoned house painter. Its really not a bad gig. Plus, you can make a boat load of money in the summer. Then take the entire winter off. Everyone does. So there’s lots of bars and an endless flow of good weed.

Shark’s Breath Marijuana Strain Review 

The Shark is a dark flower. It is laced though with lots of yummy red and orange hairs. As a result its a THC loaded killer of the deep. One hit of this can take a bite out of you. It will certainly take a bite out of your day.

The aroma and taste are the same. Its like a sweet candy. But its not really that pleasant. In fact it is one of my least favorite tasting strains. It doesn’t taste like fish or shark oil. Its nothing like that. And its not that its gross. It tastes OK. Its just not yummy. And I like yummy.

DNA Genetics has come up with a good strain. If you like to get high this is good stuff. The mediocre taste is not a deal breaker. The medical value is substantial as well. It helps with pretty much any mental ailment from headache to anxiety to depression. 

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Shark’s Breath Marijuana Strain Review – Summary

Overall, this is a solid strain. If you are looking to get good and high and laugh with your friends, its perfect.

If the taste and the smell are not that important to you then you will be a big fan of this Indica. Its really great for creativity.

So go smoke some and see if you can invent something useful. Then take your invention on Shark Tank and make your millions!