sfv og kush reviewSan Fernando Valley is where SFV OG Kush gets it’s name from. This is a very powerful potent 90% Indica that will take your mind into a space dream time like never before. With a 25% THC level and a pungent rich lemon and pine aroma this fine herb will be giving you pleasure hit after hit. This product is a result of California Og KUSH and Afghani which has produced a super cannabis. A euphoric heavy body stone that can leave you a bit sleepy and couch locked halfway through. Then picks you up and you are in a happy content state of mind as this SFV OG KUSH Review will show.


This is sensual high that takes taste, sex and music to another level. My girl and I were in heaven. Just after 2 hits we had Pink Floyd on replay, gained 10lbs and the worked it off by making out in every room of the house ! Sublime and surreal with super sensations. SFV OG KUSH is definately a stay at home herb. The kind of herb for your day off watching movies or a nice backyard day in a comfortable lawn chair. Friends dropped by a few weeks ago and just sat outside talking about the cosmos ,Snoop Dogg. Why of course do men have nipples? We were laughing and imitating our favorite cartoon voices until the girls came over and made us pasta carbonara.That shut us up for a while !


SFV OG KUSH procuct are bushy buds with a tantalizing taste bud overload. Loaded with frosty crystals and beautiful long red hairs like Ginger from Gilligan’s Island. The medical benefits are great for pain, increasing appetite, insomnia. I found it boosted my creativity and I wrote a 300 word poem about 3 groundhogs on a roller coaster. My wife was so impressed she framed it and it now hangs in the front hall. Just above my autographed photo of Bea Arthur. Try some SFV OG KUSH today … I did !