Ser Jacopo Pipe ReviewThis Ser Jacopo Pipe Review is unlike anything I have ever done. This is not really a commercial pipe. You can not simply go to a head shop, smoke shop or easily order the Jacopo online. This is more like trying to buy a Babe Ruth baseball card, very difficult indeed. But, it can be done. You can also solicit them to manufacture one for you. But that waiting list may be long and could get expensive should you not have patience.

Regardless, The Ser Jacopo Diamond Pipe is a must have for the true pipe connoisseur. Before you dive into this review let me get rid of the faint of heart by telling you the price of this pipe. It can be yours, if you can find one, for the humble starting price of only $9,950 dollars. Yes, you heard me right. For under $10K you might be able to get your hands on one. I wonder if the proud owner smokes herb. Or maybe it is for the real tobacco type. Im guessing the very few and proud owners are fat old white guys puffing on tobacco. Either way, let’s take a look at this “Diamond” in the rough and see what the fuss is all about.

Ser Jacopo Pipe Review

Ser Jacopo Pipe ReviewThis one of a kind literal “Gem” was crafted in 2003. It is beautiful beyond my ability to describe or for the picutres to convey. The mounting is a Delecta 18K gold band. Also, The Ser Jacobo trademark genuine diamond is set right into the gold mounting. I mean, you have got to be kidding. This is like a Pharaoh commissioning his minions to construct the finest pipe ever known to man. And it is.

The tightly grained bowl is something that would knock a master carpenter right off his chair. Experts consider this pipe the finest diamond grade maxima pipe ever made.  One of the remarkable and striking fetatures is the oversized body with it’s angel hair grain. This Diamond pipe by Ser Jacobo is a true masterpiece.

Should You buy It ?

That is me being a wise guy. Yes, of course , if you can find it. The Ser Jacobo Diamond is considered by many to be one of the finest pipes ever constructed. So more than this being a Ser Jacopo Pipe Review, it is more of an homage. It was a joy to get to know this Master Work. If you get one please send my some pics. And an invite to partake. But, I do not smoke tobacco. So, get ready for me to light that bad boy up. Thanks for reading guys. Happy Toking.