Sage Mean Green Herbal Cone Review by Cyclone

We all like to make healthier choices when we have the option. I know I certainly do. I gave up sugar and fried food long ago. Now I am no longer overweight. I gave up smoking and took up vaping. Now I can run up a flight of stairs without nearly dropping dead.

And now I have given up smoking joints and using Sage Mean Green Herbal Cones. The truth is not only is this far better for my health than burning paper, but the high is also substantially more satisfying as well. I love Sage Cones.

What is a Sage Cone?

Sage Mean Green Herbal Cone ReviewYou probably know what cones are by now. They have become the rave amongst pot smokers for how easy they make it smoke a fat blunt. They come pre-rolled and can usually hold a lot of pot. Sage Cones are no exception. They are over 10 cm long and designed for long satiating usage. The cones themselves are made from sage.

Sage is a natural herb that not only tastes fantastic but has healing properties and has long been used for relaxation, memory boosting and overall wellness of mind and body. Sage is an age-old healing plant that is high in protein and vitamins K and B6 just to name a few. And best of all it’s loaded with antioxidants.

OK, Tell Me More about Cyclones

Cyclone produces exquisite all-natural Sage Cones that come pre-rolled for your smoking needs. These fat cones measure 10.5cm and burn slowly and evenly. So, you no longer have to worry about losing all your stash trying to create a party blunt only watching it fall to the floor wasted. And they’re fun and easy to smoke. Cyclone includes reusable Dank Bamboo Tips. The cone is made from Sage and is 100% tobacco-free.

They even come in cool reusable tubes. The tubes are great for keeping your cone fresh. The tubes also, seal off any odour from escaping and giving away your little secret. You can get a 4 pack online for around a very reasonable $9.00. I love the benefits and the taste of my sage cones and the fact that I no longer burn paper into my lungs. You will too!