Dabbing, now this something that is gaining popularity. In the following, we will go over some useful guidelines for the art of dabs.

The Torch

Let’s start with the most simple, the torch. Torch safety people, this is so important for so many reasons. You are using a large torch, in a small space, so be smart about it. Being stoned is not a valid excuse for forgetfulness. When filling your butane torch, make sure both pieces fit properly.

It is also important when lighting your torch.  Is to make sure when you are done using it, you completely turn off the gas. Then return the torch back into safety mode, most – probably all – torches have this.

Start slow Woman smoking eCig city lights

It is wise to start off small when taking dabs. Tolerance will have to be built to take bigger dabs. However, some people have reported they always have to take small “baby dabs”. The perfect amount to start with is about enough to cover the end of your dabber.

Taking these dabs at low temperature will help you benefit from the dab more. You will better be able to experience the smoothness, taste, and effect. Any nail that is not glass, you will want to get the nail red hot and wait until it is just bearable for you to hover your hand above it.

Quartz or titanium nails, you will want to wait just a little bit longer as these nails are better at retaining heat. When it is ready, put your dabber in and apply your carb. This will be a smooth hit that you will certainly enjoy.

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Clean Your Dabber

Another valuable tip is to clean your dabber between each hit. Who wants to take in the remnants of the last dab? Yeah, I wouldn’t either.

Our last tip for you here is BEWARE NAILS BURN. That’s right, those little bowls can get you and ruin your day with just a tap. These nails stay hot for a while so watch hands, fingers, wrist, and pretty much any appendage that could tap this.

Heed our warnings, and enjoy yourself! Safe dabbing everyone.