Rug Burn Review



Rug Burn is a High Times award winner and is one of the most potent herbs on the planet. This happy hybrid is a Indica dominant slice of heaven with a 80% -20% rate. So this is very relaxing yet euphoric strain takes you to new heights. The 16 –  26 THC levels will have that effect. A fruity taste awaits your palate also a nice citrus aroma drifts through air as you toke this splendid strain. Everybody who has tried it are blown away the bliss that combines a smooth and mellow high. I could never have picked a better doobage to take on my latest adventure. Very highly recommended indeed. Rug burn is something you won’t soon forget. Moreover I never will as you will see in this Rug Burn Review.


Rug Burn Review


I had the awesome pleasure of attending the Burning man Festival this tear. So wanting to mellow out but still have some energy to walk through the bizarre, weird and wonderful world. With me I took a good supply of Rug Burn herb. The perfect choice for such spectacle. Up on the Burning Man observation tower dressed like a penguin with rubber antlers I was happy. It was then I spotted down below the most beautiful woman in the world. Her name was Spanky Buttons and was a exotic reptilian squirrel mix. We were like magnet and steel. We leaned against a giant can of spam half buried in the sand. Spanky did the honours and rolled a nice big spliff of Rug Burn. Catching a ride on a giant boat on wheels we jumped out at a strange cafe with deep house music and dwarfs.


The herb had made us quite hungry so we wolfed down some vegetarian curry. It was served to us by a green robot. later we clawed our way into my desert tent and made mad passionate hot love on my Persian rug. The next day my knee’s were raw and bleeding. So moreover than anything the whole experience was stupendous seeing the super smile on Spanky Buttons face. “More ” she screamed and lay on the carpet with a twinkle in her mahogany eyes. First she insisted we toke some more Rug Burn. Looking at my knee’s how could I refuse. The herb had taken care of my physical pain. Partaking of this happy herb made the festival all the more festive you could say, as it were !

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