Rolling Joints 1Any and all ganja lovers knows the most common way to smoke, the joint. Now, like anything rolling is a skill, and skills need practice, and can be learned by anyone. Granted, it does take a while to learn where and how to move your finger and how to roll it tight without ripping the paper. I personally just learned to roll perfectly and it took a couple years, but now I can roll speedy and well. I have taught people the art of rolling and now I am sharing with all of you

Step 1: Break Apart Your Ganja

This can be done with your finger, scissors, or a grinder. A grinder would be the best option, with a more even consistency, it will be easier to roll and burn better.

Step 2: Get Your Paper and Make Your Filter

Choosing a paper that won’t rip will be best in your favour, making it easier to roll. For a filter you can use pre-made filters, pre-cut tip paper, or just rip a piece of business card paper. To make a filter from a card simply tear a piece about the width you want the length of your filter and start folding one end in. After a couple folds it should get easier to roll into a tight spiral.

Rolling Joints 2Step 3: Shape The Weed

If you lay the weed in the paper in the shape you want it will become easier to roll. If you want to roll a straight cigarette like joint. You put all the weed in there straight on. But, if you want it cone shaped, place the weed so that there is less towards the filter and more towards the top.

Step 4: Press and Shape the Weed

You’ll want to hold the joint with your index fingers in the paper. Use your index fingers to compact the weed and shape it again, whether that is straight or cone.

Step 5: Roll the Joint

You’ll want to have your fingers on the back, and your thumbs on the front. You will use your thumb and fingers to roll it so it is smooth and even. Than your thumbs to push the corners of the paper in and continue with the rest of the paper.

Step 6: Lick it and Pack it

Now that it is rolled, all you have to do is lick the adhesive and continue to roll it so that all the adhesive is stuck. Once you do that you can use something small to push the looser pieces of weed in a little tighter so that you won’t have burning pieces of weed falling off.

Rolling Joints 3Step 7: Light and Enjoy!

Now it is all ready to light and enjoy, remember to burn the excess paper at the end!

Happy smoking everyone!