Rokit V5 Bong Kit ReviewThe Rokit is not your Grandma’s Bong kids. In fact, it is so technologically advanced I would only recommend this to the hardest core bong users. And at $299.99 it ain’t cheap. It is not easy to use either. The kit’s loaded with devices and extras. In this Rokit V5 Bong Kit Review we will try to break it all down and figure out if its worth the time and money.

As many of you already know, I am a bit of a collector and I like to try new things. I will buy anything that looks out of the ordinary, within reason. $299 dollars is not within reason. Given my pathetic financial situation, I simply can not lay down $300 bucks for a gimmick.

Now I am not saying that this a gimmick. At least Im not saying that yet. I had to first get my hands on one and try it out before I could write a review. So, I put an advert on Craigslist. I was shocked when I got a response. Only two days later a Japanese woman invited me to her place to try out her Rockit. The night was one I won’t soon forget but that is an entirely different matter. I will instead tell you about the bong.

Rokit V5 Bong Kit Review -Specs

Rokit V5 Bong Kit ReviewAlthough a bit complicated its actually fun to assemble this weird bong. The crux is the 14 chambers. The smoke has got 14 chambers of cooling to pass through before the smoke gets to your mouth. The smoke gets broken up up into thousands of tiny little bubbles. It passes through the 14 port chamber which is located at the core of the Rokit.

The Rokit’s well constructed medical grade stainless steel. That is huge. Because bongs work with water one problem is that they break down quickly. But the Rokit will not. It will never rust either.

You also get that bad ass metal flight box which holds everything. There is no question you will be the mad scientist at your next keg party. You open up the kit and assemble and everyone will be watching. It is a fun bong. The kit contains the Rokit bong, cleaning solution, screens a poker and all the parts to construct your Rokit.

Rokit V5 Bong Kit Review – Yes or No ?

This is a tough call. But for me its a No. Although, I do think there is certainly a market for the Rokit. It simply is not for me. And the biggest reason is the price tag. For $299 Dollars I would rather get myself a couple of quality cheaper bongs and a big bag of OG Kush. However, the bong is good and fun and unique. It would easily be a must have for any collector. And it would certainly light up any party and make you the center of attention. In closing, I guess it comes down to the individual and their bank account. If you can afford it, go be The Rokit Man.