Roil Vaporizer ReviewWelcome to 420.Review’s Roil Vaporizer Review. Today we are looking at “The Roil” which is a coil-less vaporizer that you can pick up for well under $100 bucks. First off, this thing rips. That is the motto of this vape pen. And it is our job today to decide whether or not it really does rip. It sure looked great when I got my kit. I was super impressed right away at how discreet The Roil looked.

It literally looks like a pen. It even has a legitimate pen cover that screws on the top. You could put this is your shirt pocket and have a discussion with your proffessor or boss and no one would think twice about what they were looking at. You better just hope they don’t grab it away from you quickly to take a fast note or you may be looking for a new job or university.

Roil Vaporizer Review

Roil Vaporizer ReviewThis could easily be one of my shortest reviews as their really is not a whole lot of complicated details that need to be gone over. The fact that it is this simple makes it a pretty impressive portable vaporizer for all your wax and oil needs. There are 3 temp settings from 300-500 degrees. Mostly, it is simple to operate and enjoy.

What to say? Ok, the build is solid and medical grade, good start for a vape pen. The pen is coil-less which is probably the best selling point. Not having to change out the coils all the time is fantastic. It is not only a pain, it gets to be costly buying them and just having to find the right sizes. The chamber is ceramic. This was a real nice surprise as most “economic” vape pens use far lesser quality parts. Not only that, ceramic is really the best material chamber you can use to preserve the integrity and taste. So, The Roil get big points for that as well.

It appears as though This Thing Rips after all. The power source is a Lithium Ion Battery that come with an AC adapter. It holds a charge for pretty much as long as you could possibly out of the house. You will be out of oil before you are out of power. The Roil is quiet discreet at less than 7 inches. And again, it looks like a pen. I am a big fan a discretion. After all, it is the whole point of public vaping, right?Roil Vaporizer Review

To Buy or Not to Buy ?

Well, that is the question. So, the answer is, “To ¬†buy.” The kit comes complete with everything you need for $77.10 dollars. I have seen throw aways that cost close to that price. And, this is no throw away. Furthermore, it is easy to clean and maintain. It is discreet and vapes really well.

I really have no negative things to say in my Roil Vaporizer Review¬†about this coil-less portable vaporizer. Of course, it is not for dry herb but that is not what it’s designed for to begin with. Hence, if you are an oil and /or wax person, then you have a decent portable at a really decent price. As a result, I give it a Thumbs Up !

Turns out, This Thing Rips !