Ripped Bubba Marijuana Strain ReviewAnd now a little something for the ladies. The only thing more powerful than Bubba’s stomach muscles is the THC level of this strain, a whopping 26% to be exact.  Today’s Ripped Bubba Marijuana Strain Review looks at a 60% indica dominant strain sure to make the ladies quiver. I think the men might get a little weak in the knees as well after a few hits of this stuff.

My friends at TGA Genetics are always at the cutting edge of cross breeding new strains. And they’re very good at it. Therefore, when I heard about Bubba I went right to my dispensary and ordered some. I’m sure glad I did. I think I’m in love with Bubba. And I don’t mean his abs. I mean the real power, his sexy and strong THC, baby.

I love a good Kush like anyone else. When the strain is strong like Bubba is I don’t like to waste it rolling joints. I use a vaporizer like my classic Vapor Brothers. If you don’t have one check out my review here. I also like my new Evo which I also wrote a review for, that you can read about here.

Ripped Bubba Marijuana Strain Review

Ripped Bubba Marijuana Strain ReviewBubba is perfectly named. The ripped part says it all. It’s all about power and the body. This strain is indica dominant. Therefore the focus is on the body. You will feel Bubba in your abs, your triceps, your biceps and anywhere else you have nerve endings. Girls, you have met your match.

Our ripped little friend is a resin heavy indica powerhouse that is the hybrid baby of two other muscle bound strains. TGA combined Jack the Ripper and Bubba Kush to create this buff strain. The taste is great too ladies. Bubba is sweet and tastes like cherries, berries and lemon. You will love it when Bubba is in your mouth.

Overall, Bubba is a great strain. It has power but not overwhelmingly. It’s fantastic for relaxation, stress and sleep. Also, Bubba is surprisingly uplifting. I find I can smoke a little in the morning and I’m able to focus and get work done. I don’t get paranoid like I do with so many of the other Kush strains.