Max Medibles is fantastic company from Canada. They have come out with a delicious delights that will bring back youthful memories of great snacks. One that I personally love is their THC laden Rice Crispie Squares. This brings back memories of my childhood, patiently waiting for my mother to finish mixing up the rice crispie cake mix. Now as an adult I am very excited about my discovery of Max Medibles rice crispie squares. I ordered and received 8 scrumptious squares with 80mg of THC per serving.

Rice Crispie Squares Edible Review 1So these pack quite a powerful punch. With just one bite I got a nice relaxing high. These were not like Moms, they were much better indeed. The only problem I have with these are that they give you the munchies big time. Which means you want to eat more crispie squares. So I make sure I have other snacks around just in case. Do not eat them all or you will be three stars from Mars. Moreover I would strongly suggest to keep them out of the reach of children. Let me tell you more about these enticing treats in this Rice Crispie Squares Edible Review.

Rice Crispie Squares Edible Review

A few weeks after trying Max Edibles I headed for Jamaica for a much needed vacation. So I was very surprised to see how much things have changed on this beautiful island. Jamaica has always been famous for the Ganja. Now however it is legal. Ganja and ganja edibles are everywhere. Cakes, popcorn, candies etc. One day I was hanging out at my favorite little bar in the cliff’s called Ernies Irie Vibez eating some ganja cake. It was good but did not match the brilliance of rice crispie squares. So I told Ernie to try to make some for me with the herb. A couple of days later I returned for a sample. Needless to say they were not up to par with Max Edibles. I think what makes Max Edibles unique and tasty is their use of canna-butter and sunflower lecithin.Whatever the reason I would forget trying to make them and order these incredible rice crispy squares from Max Medibles. You will not be disappointed!

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