This new offering by our friends at Arizer is known as The Air. And it is going to be your new favorite vaporizer.If you have been using Firefly you are going to want to try this. This is the latest from the folks that gave us the highly acclaimed Solo. And this is our Review Arizer Air style.

But the Air is a step up 

This is because there are exciting new features which will make this your newest go to vaporizer, and there are lots of reasons. There is nothing on the market today like The Air, when it comes to the best overall enjoyment. And the fact that it’s highly efficient and super user friendly. The Air is incredibly well constructed, sturdy and is heavy and comfortable in your hands. And, I really like the sweet protective silicon sleeve they have added as it protects the unit and it’s less hot in the hand. Also, the replaceable 18650 Li-ion battery is a great add as well.


First, the thermostat is higher grade and The Air is smaller and more slender and has a very cool looking design. The overall kit is nice as well. You get the charger, a poker tool, a nice belt clip that holds everything. And it is much more convenient for portability. You get 2 glass stems, the smaller one has a plastic mouth piece. And best of all The Air has a faster heat up time. You can control the range of temperatures, depending on what kind of vape style suits you, from 356- 410 degrees.

Review Arizer Air – Pricey

This all with the design come in handy for those of us who like to vape in public without the glares. The Air more resembles an e-cigarette. I like that. So ,this is a solid vaporizer. But the price is steep at $299.00 and it does not come with a lot of the extras you might find with some other products out there. I think if this were in the $100- $139 range then it would be one of the most popular vaporizers around.

Brunette In Red Bathing Suit Vaping

Overall Value 

I need to give The Air the thumbs down. The price does not justify the investment. Vaporizers are now available in so many makes and models that the price range needs to reflect that. I would look for something less expensive. Or something more powerful with more technology. In conclusion, I should say that this is a decent portable vaporizer. But the Air simply does not stand up to the competition.