I smoke a lot of different strains. Actually, I vaporize my weed now. And I can tell you that our Red Dragon Marijuana Strain Review is about to up your game. You will want to burn the village, loot the towns folk and fly back to your secret den if you smoke too much of this 20% THC powerhouse. This strain will get you high enough to watch the first 5 seasons of Game of Thrones before it wears off. And the taste is as complex as the lore that surrounds the Red Dragon mythology. You will be as high as a happy Hobbit after one hit.

Red Dragon Marijuana Strain Review

Red Dragon Marijuana Strain Review 1The Dragon is a fire breathing hybrid of epic proportions. The flavours are complex, tropical, sweet and earthy, all in one. It tasted like guava and kiwi to me with a musky finish. Its a very pleasant taste. Red Dragon is a wicked hybrid that causes heavy euphoria, upbeat mood and a treasure trove of laughter. That is the sativa that will have you dancing around the village fire all night long. But there is also enough indica in the mix to cause a full body relaxation not found in most sativa dominant strains. It all makes for a very unique stand out weed strain guaranteed to satisfy.

Chase The Dragon

You certainly won’t be “dragon” your feet while enjoying this strain. Sorry that was too easy. But seriously, this strain from Barney’s Farm is a nice hybrid of Afghani and Brazilian Sativa. That means two THC heavy strains combining for a very powerful new strain. The flower is very fluffy and green. Also the buds are heavily laden with beautiful trichomes. This strain of cannabis is very popular among recreational users. But it also has very good medicinal properties. It is prescribed for migraines, body pain and anxiety and depression. The indica and sativa make it ideal for both mental and physical disorders. So, if you like powerful strains with great taste and incredible medical benefits you will love Red Dragon.