Red Congo Review 1Red Congo is a great product from Dragonfish Farms. This is a Sativa dominant hybrid. A mix of Congolese and Afghan. This packs a power punch with reported THC level of up to 30%. Not for the novice. So it only took only one toke and I had  a nice high. Being Sativa dominant I find this a good choice for  situations. Very energetic and euphoric. This helped me greatly on my recent trip to Africa. As you will see in this Red Congo Review.

Red Congo Review

I was on an expedition to the Democratic Republic of the Congo to study the mountain gorilla’s. A species that are on the list of endangered species. My group of fellow scientist’s made camp deep in the dense jungle.  So we made a large campfire and toked some Red Congo and discussed tomorrows encounter with the Gorilla’s. The sound of the jungle at night was erie and also very surreal. Our senses were quite heightened from the herb. The next day a heavy rain swept in. I happened to get separated from the rest of the group. The rain was hard, so I was soaked to the bone.

Going Ape

I suddenly felt something crawling on me.  So I removed my clothes to reveal I was covered with blood sucking leeches. It was then the mountain gorilla’s appeared. They surrounded me. Because I am quite rotund at 350 pounds and covered in thick black hair. The gorilla’s were very curious and seemed to also accept me as one of their own. They were very kind and helped to pull off the numerous leeches. One got into my knapsack and they all ate some of my Red Congo. Including me. Soon we were all laughing and rolling around and climbing trees. Also I think in all fairness they were studying me instead of the other way around. I finally made my way back to camp. Moreover I was a changed man from this unbelievable experience !