ReCon is an interesting mix of citrus flavours and earthy aromas. It is an Indica dominant strain, but not to the extreme. The ratio is  60%  Indica and 40% Sativa. The THC level is 23% and the CBD and CBN are %1. This is pretty potent stuff. You will instantly feel it even as you are letting out your first hit. 

Rasta Girl Smoking Joint Black and White

I prefer using a bubbler when I have this kind of a sweet bud. So, let’s do a quick ReCon Marijuana Review. If and when I pay top dollar for my stash, I like to get the most out of it. This is not to say I use a one hitter to maximize my usage and lessen weed loss. What I mean to say is that, I like to purify the buds in a water filtration system to cut of the heat and maximize smoothness.

ReCon Marijuana Review

The cost of ReCon is about $40 for an eighth. Or you can pick up an ounce for around $280 dollars. This stuff goes right to your head. It is almost too much for me, as I get the initial paranoia that usually takes about 20 minutes to wear off. Then  I settle into the high and have a sweet stress free afternoon or evening.

However this was not the case with ReCon. An hour after I toked I was still blitzed out of my head. And I had to go meet friends for a beer at the local pub.

I think I walked in the bar about an hour and a half after toking. I spotted my friends in the corner by the bathroom. As, I approached they all started laughing at me. They could tell in a half a second that I was fried out of my head. So, I kept walking and went right into the bathroom. Then I made the mistake of looking in the mirror. I would suggest you do not do that. I sat in a stall pretending to be using the toilet for 20 minutes. After that I went and ordered a beer. About half way through the beer I settled down. Then the high was quite good. The rest of the night was full of fun and laughter. Thank God for the beer.

ReCon Marijuana Review – Conclusion

In Conclusion, the weed is great. It is a bit to strong for me. And I do not think it is a good choice for someone who is not familiar with or doesn’t have considerable experience toking. But if you do then this citrusy, green bud with brown hairs will rock your world. Just make sure you have plenty of toilet paper, in case.