RAWket Cone Rolling Papers ReviewThe main reason I decided to do this RAW 5 Stage RAWket Cone Rolling Papers Review is because I had never used cone papers before. And  I was curious. I am glad I did. These papers are really fun and easy to use. I really enjoy rolling joints. In fact, it is one of the things I can actually do pretty well.

There is not much else I do well. And sadly for me, most of the things I do well, do not pay well. But that is an entirely different story. I have always like RAW products. It is just that I never saw the need to use cone style papers. It is a very different deal. But after having tried it, I think I like it better than traditional papers. Moreoever, the Stage 5 Pack is really fun.

RAWket Cone Rolling Papers Review

RAWket Cone Rolling Papers ReviewFirst, the cone papers  come in a 5 Pack. The nice thing about this is that they are all different sizes. So, I started. I was alone. And I used the baby size. It was very easy to make the joint. I simply took my ground up dry herb and stuffed it in the opening. And, that is it. I was ready to smoke. Secondly, I loved the taste and smoothness. This is attributed to the fact that RAW only uses 100% all natural and vegan materials in the manufacturing process.

The papers themselves are pure Hemp. Not only that, the gum is also Hemp based. I really like that. They do not bleach the papers. So there is virtually no added chemicals to deter from your experience or take away from the purity of your stash. Not only do you 5 different size cones, they also come with tips.

RAWket Cone Rolling Papers Review – Summary

There is not much else that need be said about RAW’s cones. If you like the ease that comes with cone papers there is no better on the market today. These are especially great for those smokers that simply can not roll a decent joint to save their lives or people that have disabilites or problems with hand co-oridination. RAW papers are not the cheapest papers on the market. But, for an few extra pesos you can get a real quality product. Give them a try, then give me some feedback. On a cautionary note, if you smoke the Party size cone you may find yourself running to the nearest Ice Cream Parlor for a giant ice cream cone, or 2 or 3. In conclusion, “Toke responsibly my friends.”