Rasta Lollipop Marijuana Edibles ReviewEvery little thing gonna be alright in today’s Rasta Lollipop Marijuana Edibles Review. So don’t worry, be happy. This fun tropical flavored sativa lollipop will have you feeling like a true Natural Mystic.

I am a very big fan of this medical edible. I have naturally become a huge fan of all edibles. One of the great joys of my life is companies send me their products for free just so I will review them. How cool is that? So, I do. It’s a really amazing benefit not just for me, but for all of my friends. I hold what I call “Review Parties.” I call my buddies up and say, ” Hey I just got this new vaporizer or bong.” Or I just got some THC Treats guys, See you Friday night.” I have lots of friends now. LOL.

What I love is a fun and discreet way to enjoy my marijuana. And, yea sure there are lots of wicked ways to enjoy edibles at home, like candies and brownies and cakes. But that doesn’t really work for me when I’m sitting in an office all day. Even my half hour break doesn’t work for me. If I have to go sit in my car and worry about stinking when I get back and losing my job. So, the idea of a lollipop that I can suck on right in front of everyone just thrills me to no end.

Rasta Lollipop Marijuana Edibles ReviewRasta Lollipop Marijuana Edibles Review

Canna Farms is very innovative in their creations. And this limited edition offering is no exception. It is really a simple in design and affect. The tri-color Rasta design might tip off your weed smoking friends. But for the most part it is really nothing other than a lollipop.

And with no smell to give you away and the fact that no one shares a lollipop, you really have nothing to worry about. The delivery is slow. The high is gradual. And the discretion is top shelf. What I love about edibles is they come on slow. So there is no initial power punch. This alleviates paranoia for me. That is is why I love edibles the most.

So bust out your lollipop. Pop on some vintage Bob Marley and Stir it Up!