Raspberry THC e-Liquid by Amsterdam e-Liquid is a revelation for me. Finally I have found an e-Liquid that combines the pleasure of vaping with a nice mellow high of the herb. This e-Liquid has a perfect blend of pharmaceutical Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol. Both are FDA approved and blended with food grade raspberry flavouring. This results in a authentic taste that is hard to match. This delicious Amsterdam e-Liquid has a 20%THC level, with 200mg in every ml of the Co2 extracted e-Liquid. This Raspberry THC has everything that you have been looking for in a sweet tasty vaping high. Let me tell you more about this outstanding e-Liquid in this Raspberry THC e-Liquid Review.

Raspberry THC e-Liquid Review

https://420.reviews/hide-smell-cannabis-fresh-smoked/I had quit smoking a few years ago after having developed a terrible smokers cough. Also, I finally realized that smoking is probably one the most ridiculous habits you could ever have. When vaping came onto the seen I switched right away. My health improved dramatically. One thing still bothered me though. Smoking marijuana was some thing I have enjoyed for many many years. The problem with weed is that it contains a lot of tar. You can see this if you use a bong with all that brown water. Bongs are a great way of removing some of the tar. However it does not solve the problem of tar inhalation completely. This is why I was extremely happy when they started to introduce THC infused e-Liquid.

Tar Free Tasty

Now I can vape and enjoy a nice high without worrying about clogging up my lungs with cancer causing black tar. When a friend of mine turned me on Raspberry THC e-Liquid I was blown away. Not only did it have an scrumptious raspberry taste it also possessed a very nice relaxing high. It was also pointed out to me that Amsterdam e-Liquid uses a environmentally friendly Co2 method of THC extraction. Very important to me and this precious planet. Also the great aspect of vaping THC infused e-Liquid is that you can vape without people knowing you are also having a toke. If you love a juicy raspberry flavour with a kick, Raspberry THC e-Liquid is for you!