If you are not familiar with Randys Rolling Papers you are in for a treat. Randy’s are known as the very first rolling paper. They were specifically designed with the pot smoker in mind. They have been at it since the 1970s. But only now am I ready to offer you all my Randys Wired Rolling Papers Review,

I grew up back then but was still a baby. It wouldn’t be until the mid 80’s that I would discover the wonderful world of Marijuana and subsequently Randy’s wired rolling papers. I remember the day quiet well. We had been fooling around with booze for a while but I couldn’t get drunk. I would get bloated after 2 beers. And then I’d be unable to continue. We switched to Jack Daniels and Southern Comfort. Both were disgusting but did the job. And boy did it ever do the job.

Randys Wired Rolling Papers Review 2

It was about 2 years later when were about 15 that we discovered the weed. My friend’s older brother invited us into his bedroom. That is when I met Pink Floyd and smoked my first joint. Well, it is all ancient history from that day until this day.

Randys Wired Rolling Papers Review

It wasn’t long after that someone pulled out a joint rolled in a Randy’s. And well, that was it for the Zig Zags. I find that Randy’s are pretty much the same as Zig Zags without the wire. What is cooler than a roach clip built right into your joint? Brilliant! To this day I still think it is one of the most innovative inventions since the wheel. Up until I met Randy I had to continuously carry around this huge roach clip with black Indian feathers hanging off it. Remember those?  Well, hey it was that or burn my hands.

The bottom line is this, Randy is a fine rolling paper made from wood pulp. They are thick and burn as well as any other paper. And they come with a built in roach clip. The wire is at the bottom of the paper opposite the gum. This makes rolling a joint super easy. Even though I must admit, that after 30 years,  I still am not able to roll a joint to save my life. And as the joint gets small you have the wire to hold instead of burning your fingers. It is that simple. There is no other company in the world that does this. They own it. And so should you. They run about $2 dollars a pack.