TGA Subcool Seeds have invented a very cool and fruit flavoured happy herb! It will have your taste buds buzzing right along with your brain with this delightful mix of Space Queen and Purple Urkle. You will see in this Querkle review that it is pure genius is what I say, and you will probably agree after a taste of this incredible Indica dominant hybrid. With a distinct grape flavour from the Purple Urkle, this high is superbly sublime! Querkle will make you very lazy and is best smoked at night as there is good chance of being couch locked and would be so useful of course for insomniacs.

Querkle Review - Quirky Queen! 2Grapeful

You will find buds are dense and have a purple hue and are rich with red trichomes and a woody fruity aroma that will fill your room like a sweet incense !

Sleepy Head

Levels of THC of over 20% this herb is potent. Strong body high’s can be expected but because slight Sativa linage infusion there is also a partial cerebral high as well. This is a perfect herb to use after a long day of work or also a stressful day. Very relaxing and calming effects.

Querkle moreover is a good choice for nausea. Studies have shown that it has been reported useful for PTSD and anxiety disorders and depression. I personally have a good friend that had suffered from depression for years. He had tried everything from therapists to antidepressants and nothing worked. Almost instantly after trying this herb. With also others with similar qualities he told me it was like a tremendous weight being lifted off his shoulders. Five years later he still feels happy and swears that this natural herb has changed his life forever. This is the herb you will enjoy. So if you do not need to be anywhere to be.  Querkle will sure be the place you want to be!