Queen's Panties Marijuana Strain ReviewIf you like yummy and sexy then you will want to take a bite out of our Queen’s Panties Marijuana Strain Review. This old bird is a 70% sativa strain that will have you floating down the Thames. I love the taste of this strain almost as much as I love the taste of a good pair of panties.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. That I must be a sick puppy. Well, allow me to defend myself before you jump to conclusions. I do like the taste of panties, there I said it. Oh come on, am I so bad? There’s nothing I like more than toking on a nice pipe, going to a big party, sneaking upstairs into a bedroom and rummaging through the panty closet.

Oh, I am getting aroused just writing about this. Give me a minute. I will be right back. Phew! That feels better. Where were we? Ah, yes getting stone and smelling panties. So, the thought of the Queen’s Panties makes me, makes me, well let’s just discuss the strain shall we?

Queen's Panties Marijuana Strain Review

Queen’s Panties Marijuana Strain Review

Alright folks, let’s get serious. QP is a 70% sativa dominant strain with THC levels around 15%. The lineage is the result of cross breeding Dream Queen and Purple Panty Dropper.

Another great aspect of the strain is the high. Not only is the high cerebral but it’s been reported by many to have an arousal affect. I am not joking friends. That is why I was being so silly. I do not know why this is the case. I am simply reporting the statistics. Users claim sexual arousal and prowess when smoking The Panty Queen.

As if that wasn’t enough it is one of the best tasting strains you will ever enjoy. The aroma and taste is a sweetness combined with a candy like blueberry finish. Finally, this is one of the best strains you will smoke anywhere. Enjoy!