Purr Glass Travel Bubbler ReviewPurr has come up with the “purr”fect all in one, indestructible pipe. This interesting pipe is billed as “The ultimate travel bubbler.”  The PURR 2GO is a premium travel bubbler for quite a few reasons. What I really like is that this is both a hammer style bubbler and a vapor rig.  Let’s get started with our Purr Glass Travel Bubbler Review

I recently had to take a business trip to States. And so I don’t think I need to explain how difficult it is to deal with customs. This time was no exception. I had recently picked up the PURR with the sole purpose of seeing if it was any good for travel. Many times I bring a throw away pipe so that I have something to use.

But I fear for my life carrying a used pipe into an airport. I don’t really want to see the inside of a jail cell ever again. Yes, I have been on the other side. But I don’t really want to share that story publicly so use your imagination. Anyway, I tried the 2GO.  And I was very pleased with the results. Let’s take a look at those reasons.

Purr Glass Travel Bubbler Review

Purr Glass Travel Bubbler ReviewFirst, the bubbler’s solid and made of polycarbonate. This means it is high heat resistant. Secondly it is a great travel companion. This is due to the fact that it is a hammer. That simply means it sits well and will not tumble or roll or fall off the table. However, if it should fall no worries. Because it will not break. That is a huge selling point for me.

Another plus that’s great is you get both a glass bowl for dry herbs and a Grade 3 Titanium nail for oils and concentrates. The nail, the glass bowl and the glass downstem are all standard 14mm. It also comes with a cool padded carrying case. This makes it an ideal travel bubbler.

For $129.99 dollars you get it all. The best part is that it comes apart and is very easy to clean. And no residue means problems at customs. I find the PURR to be a very good portable bubbler at a very fair price. Safe travels my smoking brethren.