Purple Star Gummies Marijuana Edibles ReviewThis solider wins the Purple Heart for power and taste. Today’s Purple Star Gummies Marijuana Edibles Review looks at a THC treat that really is a star in the wonderful world of edibles. This medical edible comes from the Starr 1 Company and claims to be one of the most potent marijuana gummies on the market. And they really are.

The very first time I ever had an edible was only a couple of years ago. Well, that is not entirely true. But it is for the most part. Over the years some one would try to home bake some brownies. They never really worked. Most of the time they would make me sick. And I never got high. Well, that science has come a long way. With the legalization of marijuana and the subsequent birth of commercial bakeries everything has changed for the better.

My friend Maya made the first home made gummies that were really any good. She learned the trick to making the butter. That is the key. Also, they worked. However, they were no where near as powerful. And I could eat three of them. That would give me a slight buzz. The buzz would wear off in a half hour. And I would be left with a tired headache. Not the case with these creations from the Starr 1 Company.

Purple Star Gummies Marijuana Edibles ReviewPurple Star Gummies Marijuana Edibles Review

These gummies pack 600 mgs of THC. That is of course broken down into 3 gummies each with 200 mgs. Many edibles have between 25 and 50 mgs. I can assure you 200 mgs is very potent. I suggest eating a half of one. Trust me, you will feel it. So, although the price tag may seem steep for the amount of THC you get it is actually a very good deal.

Also, the THC is infused. It is not sprayed on or sprinkled. This makes all the difference in quality of product and potency of high.

The taste is pretty good. But not the best I have had. So, this is not a deal breaker. However, if you would like a great tasting drink try Cherry Quenchers. You can my review here¬†https://420.reviews/cannabis-quencher-cherry-beverage/¬† But these gummies are strong. The THC level being high means you are going to taste the cannabis. But hey it’s only in your mouth for 5 seconds. It rushes through your body for 5 hours. So,Purple Star, is in my opinion, a bright Star.