Finally, the Purple Kush Review! Purple Kush a hybrid marijuana strain originally from southern California which is a cross between  Purple Afghani and Hindu Kush. From 17 – 22% THC levels find this herb to be very strong but with blissful and long lasting euphoric qualities and relaxation being it’s main effective attribute.

Purple Kush Review – Purple pleasure

Being of the Indica strain, calmness and pain reduction are to be found along with help for insomnia and anxiety. Our review found that the buds themselves have a slight purple tones and the leaves a darker rich purple colour with an tasty earthy hashy grape flavour. This has been found to be one of the most powerful marijuana strains in the world and caution should be taken for first time or novice smokers.


CSC Shatter Review by Concentrate Supply Co.If you have important or complicated tasks for the day it would be wise to not consume until later. Purple Kush produces a very strong distinctive body high. Which is perfect in relaxed social situations or before bedtime to bring on sleep. This strain of bud is most popular on the west coast but is making inroads to the rest of  North America. Moreover in Colorado where it is becoming increasing popular with the connoisseur’s of the state’s most lucrative market.

Purple Kush is increasing in popularity.  The word is spreading of the relaxing yet powerful herb that will have you floating on cloud nine … or ten ! Never in my life have I seen so many varieties of Kush. Moreover Kush has become my favorite. so is it just me or does this strain have special quality. Many of my friends also agree with me, even my mother in law who can be quite a bitch. However when she has a few hits off the old bong she’s happy as a clam !