I have added a new favourite strain to my elite collection. And after you read this Purple Kong Marijuana Strain Review I think you might agree. This is one strong gorilla. 22% THC to be exact. Not only that but this crazy monkey is all about the indica. So, sit back. And get ready to be transported to the deep purple jungles of La La Land.

Purple Kong Marijuana Strain Review 1I picked up some Purple Kong and downloaded King Kong. I always do stuff like that. If you read my reviews you know I like to keep with the theme. It makes it more fun. So, I rented the original. I don’t care about special effects. I smoke enough weed and I feel like I’m in the movie. And the original is always better anyway. And I’ve got to tell you, so is this strain.

Purple Kong Marijuana Strain Review

This chest pounding beast boasts 22% THC. So, you need to be careful. You don’t want to end up like Jane Goodall. You pat this monkey long enough and it will bite you. The 70% indica will make it hard for you to out run the pack. So, go easy. Your body will be floating gently down a misty jungle river. Just listen to the birds in your head and sing along. Because you’re going to be there for awhile.

The lineage of this hybrid is that of  King Kong and Grand Daddy Purps, one wicked combination. It makes for power and taste. The taste is super sweet with a very berry finish. I love it.

Although this grape ape will make you feel sensational it is more of a medical strain. Suffers of chronic pain rave about it’s effects. However, the casual user will likely get overwhelmed. So, I recommend that you take it easy or you might literally go bananas.