Hey Joe, you’re going to want to read this Purple Haze Marijuana Strain Review. 26% THC levels make this strain more powerful than any Jimi Hendrix solo you’ve ever heard. So, “Are you experienced?” If so, then grab your bong and your guitar and  enjoy the trip.

When I discovered marijuana Jimi Hendrix was one of the first life changing music experiences I ever had. I remember hiding down in my basement and popping on the Woodstock Live album. This music is other-worldly. I literally took a trip. The Star Spangled Banner solo blew my mind. 

Womans Lips Purple Lipstick Smoking

Jimi represented all things sex, drugs and Rock n Roll. He was obviously stoned in every TV interview. Watch him here on The Dick Cavett Show https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-ZYUaRKQkkEverything about Jimi epitomized the drug culture. He was truly a pioneer in that respect. Also, the music is just as good 50 years later as it was then. You really need to get a bag of this strain, especially if you’re young and never really listened to him. Then pop on some Youtube videos. You won’t regret it.

Purple Haze Marijuana Strain Review

You will really be in a Purple Haze when you smoke this strain. 26% makes it one of the strongest in the world. Moreover the sativa is 85%. This means you will be feeling very fuzzy and happy. Put on some Hendrix. Get ready. Pack your bags. Because you’re about to be transported to a magical world. I know. Because I did. And I still do.

Woman Purple Make Up FantasyPurple Haze is the creation of combining Purple Thai and Haze. So, you know your getting something strong and tasty. And it is both. The taste is pungent and very berry.

Although not for the newcomer, Purple Haze is a great everyday strain for the serious user. You simply can not  find a more potent strain.

So, this is the musician’s strain. Or it’s the artist’s strain. Mostly it’s the pot lover’s strain. So, go enjoy this Foxy Lady today. And be a Voodoo Child.