Pure Power Plant Marijuana ReviewPure Power is what this strain is all about. You don’t win first place at the Cannabis Cup unless you’re very special. The THC level of 20% is pure power. And the 70% Sativa dominance will blow your mind. PPP is considered a medical strain as it has endless powers to heal. And so doing a Pure Power Plant Marijuana Review is long over due.

If you are familiar with my reviews and blogs you know that I am a big fan of the Cannabis Cup and have been to Amsterdam many times. I really can’t see how any serious long time smoker has not visited our Mecca. Amsterdam is one of the coolest places on Earth and for lots if reasons. If you haven’t been and you love smoking pot you must go as soon as you possibly can. You will never be the same.

However, it wasn’t in Amsterdam that I smoked PPP. I had heard the name and remember it having won the Cup. So, I had to get some. And I did. I have a friend in California that can find any strain. He hooked me up. I loved it. This is a great strain for lots of different reasons. Let’s check out a few.

Pure Power Plant Marijuana Review

Pure Power Plant Marijuana ReviewAny strain with 70% sativa is going to give you a powerful head high. When in combination with 20% THC levels you are pretty much guaranteed a very happy day. I like the ratio. And that is simply because 30% Indica is sufficient for an equally pleasing body high.

The origins are a bit of a mystery and still up for debate. However it is widely believed that PPP comes from USA Indica and African Sativa roots. The taste is that of the citrus family accompanied by musky and earthy overtones. It makes for a nice smoke. The medical world uses PPP for a wide variety of ailments. These include body and chronic pain, sleep disorders, stomach problems, Bipolar. asthma and more.

I find this to be a very good daily strain. If taken in small doses one can be very productive and happy at the same time. Of course heavy usage will easily lead the most seasoned user to a long day of couch lock. Power Plant is not your Dad’s strain from the 79’s or 80’s. This hybrid is nuclear in it’s power. So, go get radioactive and enjoy the pure power.