Purchasing Weed Legally in Canada

Purchasing Weed Legally in Canada. The use of recreational marijuana is soon to be legalized by July 2018. There are seven countries in the world that has partial complete legalization of marijuana Canada will be the third to have full legalization besides Uruguay and Jamaica in the world. Justin Trudeau of the Liberal Party assured the voters that legalization would be a reality. Each of the individual 10 provinces will set guidelines for sales and distribution.


Retail Sales

Of the 10 provinces 5 have already have plans for retail. Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick will be run by the individual provincial governments. The provincial governments in the west, Manitoba and Alberta will allow private retailers to provide sales. The federal government is going to set the legal age at 18. The province of Ontario however will have the age set at 19. Any province will, if they choose, set there own age if they so wish. Individual provinces will allow people to grow up to four plants per home. Quebec has however opted out of this program.


Law enforcement will implement roadside saliva tests to insure safety on the road. There will be systems set up to insure potency from seed for non-medical to the plant to ensure potency levels are consistent and control of quality. Seventy licenses have been issued since 2001 for medical marijuana. Many people unfortunately have been thrown in jail for marijuana possession. I would like to remind law enforcement of just one thing regarding marijuana. As Arnold would put it; “It’s just a leaf!”


Investment is growing is growing with the impending legalization. The MJIC is a equal weighted Canadian Marijuana Index which keeps track of all the all the legal cannabis companies. These companies stocks are up 28%. The first traded in North America the Horizons Marijuana Life Sciences, ETF is also up 20% after it’s conception in April. By market capital, Canopy Growth Corporation. Aurora Cannabis and Aphria stocks are up 89%, 137% and 71% just this year. And in June. MedReleaf Corporation, which is the fourth listed on the exchange since it’s debut is up 107%.

Since October 30 Marijuana stocks have been surging when the United States company Constellation Brands an alcohol company purchased a ten percent of Canopy Corporation for a large sum of $245 million. This shows how great the interest in marijuana. The taxing system between federal and provincial governments still has to be ironed out. A fair tax system will benefit everyone. There will be much more tax revenue to help with important aspects, such as education and healthcare.


Besides the benefits of tax dollars for the economy. The population will will be more open to trying medicinal marijuana for health problems. Chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta from CNN has even reversed his opinion on marijuana. Marijuana is now being used to treat conditions such as Glaucoma. By helping to relieve the pressure of the eyeball. Preventing damage to the optic nerve. Also, there has been great strides in the treatment of Epilepsy. Some patients now can go for long periods of time without a seizure.

In a report from the California Medical Centre in San Fransisco. CBD, a chemical found in marijuana has shown has shown it can slow the spread of cancer. Anxiety relief is also one of the well known benefits of cannabis. This is a natural way as opposed to addicting psychoactive pharmaceutical drugs that can lead to depression or suicide. What is most promising is the research in the debilitating disease of Alzheimer’s. Of course pain relief is one of the uses of marijuana. Many NFL or CFL players are also using the herb after games or injuries to relieve pain. In the past there were many that were addicted to powerful opioid pain killers. These are but a few of the dozens of uses for natures natural remedy.



Marijuana is is still scheduled a class on narcotic like heroin in the united states. So this means it cannot be studied on the federal level. This is an archaic law that has been around for decades. Which could possible be a problem. Could it be maybe be drug companies have so much clout in Washington and Ottawa to change. Cannabis has been around for thousands of years. They even found even remnants of cannabis in William Shakespeare pipe they unearthed in England. Of course what many Canadians have found out that weed can spur creativity in writing and music. The greatest band in the world the Beatles used weed. As well, Bob Dylan won the Nobel Peace Prize a few years ago for his awesome writing prowess!



The legalization of marijuana in Canada will be positive step forward. Why purchasing weed legally in Canada hasn’t been done is beyond me. The use of recreational marijuana will hopefully be legalized by July 2018. There are seven countries in the world that has partial complete legalization of marijuana Canada will be the third to have full legalization besides Like alcohol it has to be regulated for the protection for minors. With adults too, moderation is the key. The hope for Canada is responsible legal use. Tax dollars generated by sales with medical benefits will prove that making weed legal is a move in the right direction.