Puna Budder ReviewPuna Budder is a tasty treat that is hard to find, but well worth the wait. This strain brings a unique blend of Hawaiian Sativa and a Afghani Indica. The high is mellow and relaxing with a nice sense of euphoria. The buds are rich with frosty trichomes. Sweet and nutty this flavour will tantalize your taste buds. Although elusive I was lucky enough to procure some and sample it’s wonderful effects. I will tell you more of my experience with this wondrous weed in this Puna Budder Review.

Puna Budder Review

It was a beautiful sunny fall October day last year. I was working construction and was thirty feet up on scaffolding. I experienced a dizzy spell and fell. Unfortunately I broke my legs, pelvis and both my arms. I was taken to hospital and was put in a body cast. The pain was out of this world until they got me sedated. After a month I was totally addicted to opioid pain killers.  So when I was finally released I could not go a day without at least 5 or more painkillers. I had to go to physio everyday for four month’s. It was there I met the love of my life Beatrice Flinglebug.


She would bring me my favourite sardine burritos everyday. Also Beatrice would play my Bagpipe playlist during my therapy. Love was in the air and was helping my recovery. However I had become a drug addict. With the love and devotion from my wonderful woman I was able to slowly ween myself off the chemicals with the help of the natural herb. Moreover it was Beatrice’s idea and I can’t thank her enough. Puna Budder had a great healing effect and helped me a great deal. So now that I am healed I still have a few tokes on the weekend just to relax.

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