If you are looking for a spectacular smooth Bong then you need to read our Pulse Glass Wisteria Barrel Incycler Review. Pulse has crafted this limited edition Incycler with not only functionality in mind, but also artistic flare. This bong is just one big thick heavy and sturdy pipe, built to last and designed to please the most discerning user.
Pulse Glass Wisteria Barrel Incycler Review

This is basically a functioning art piece. At least, that is what Pulse is going for here. Pulse, out of Los Angeles, is the leader in glass work. They specilize in bongs, pipes, recyclers and bubblers. And they are very good at what they do. Lets take a look at Wusteria Barrel Incycler and see what the fuss is all about.

Pulse Glass Wisteria Barrel Incycler Review


Pulse Glass Wisteria Barrel Incycler Review

This dab rig is built for durability and high quality smoke. Your oil concentrates will be happy you burned them here. The recycler uses a “matrix/perc barrel percolater.” Basically this translates into the smoothest hit you can get from a dab rig. The “incycling” uses a two chamber system. This is connected by separation tubes. And that really helps to cut off the temperature. You really will be hard pressed to find a system that creates a cooler hit. This combination works great.

The whole process kicks in when you pull a drag on the mouthpiece. The smoke gets recycled multiple times. And it is filtered over and over, from the very bottom to the top of the chamber. I love that.

So, we now know the vapor is pure and tasty and cool. The asthetics are pretty tasty, too. The purple slyme glass adds just the right touch of elegance and enough attention to be in the forefront of your collectors showcase. The solid glass mouthpiece and dewar joint support work nicely with the quartz nail and the standard male and female 14mm joints. Finally, this piece is adorned with The Pulse signature real platimum decal.

Pulse Glass Wisteria Barrel Incycler Review – Summary

This Wisteria Barrel Incycler is pretty great. Most importantly, for me anyway, is that is works. There is no “gimmickery” here. It is a staight forward solid glass dab rig. Sublte decor is another great feature. And there’s no distracting extras. The price of $630 dollars is steep. But this is a limited edition. So, if you like it, you had better run and get your credit card before you miss out. Thanks guys, enjoy the rest of your day.