Welcome to today’s Pulsar APX Review. This a very affordable and portable dry leaf vaporizer that is ideal for the a newcomer to the vaping world. If you are looking for a vaporizer that will not break your bank this it. Do not worry, if you are just getting started this is a great place to start.

Pulsar APX ReviewI for one, just want a decent potable vaporizer without dropping 300 to 400 dollars. But I also want it to perform. The Pulsar APX is just that. It works well, it performs like higher end models and is very reasonably priced.

What do you get in your Pulsar APX Kit ?

This portable starts with it’s true convection ceramic chamber, crucial for a good toke. You can choose from 10 designs and lots of extras. Also, the power supply is fairly decent. The 1600mAh lithium ion battery has a level indicator, with a 40 second heat up time and 5 levels from 356-428 degrees and charges in about 1.5 hours. Of course the USB charger is included as well.

Pulsar APX Review

The APX is a true portable vaporizer. It is one of the smaller units I have tried. I like discretion in a portable. After all, that is why we buy one. If  I were a couch potato, and never vaped outside of the safe confines of my house, I wouldn’t need a portable, right ?

And for me, a portable is generally for personal use. You do not need a portable when you go to a house party as you know your host will be taking care of you. For me, this is in the car, before a movie, or before heading over the my Mother-in law’s house. I am sure anyone can attest to that scenario. The chamber holds about .35 grams, so it ought to get you to where your’e going and back.

 Pulsar APX Review 2

How to section 

If you have never learned to vape or this your first purchase, no worries. there are endless review blogs, tutorials and how to videos. Just go to Youtube.com. You can click on this link to see an “unboxing” video that will help you get started.  Like any vaporizer you need time to find your ideal temperature setting. Take your time. You need to get to know your vaporizer.

Once you have that figured out to your own taste, your vaping will be far more enjoyable. You will discover like anything else this is trial and error. However, you will need to learn to clean your Pulsar APX in order for it perform to it’s optimum capacity.

.Pulsar APX Review 3


As in most purchases, you get what you pay for. But my Pulsar APX Review is a thumbs up ! This is a surprisingly good value with it’s incredibly low purchase price. There are many different types of vaporizers on the market. There is also an enormously wide range of prices. You should start low and learn the differences. This is the key to finding what works for you.

I hope my Pulsar APX Review was helpful. Let us know. I am sure you will find this well worth your investment. Buy it today. That is my recommendation. Your Pulsar will make you happy !

At $59.99 you simply can not go wrong. I never suggest that someone start off in the 400 dollar range for their first portable. It is not a good idea until you learn the nuances of vaporizers. Pulsar provides a 6 month warranty. That is more than enough time for you to decide if you are ready to upgrade.