How do you store your Cannabis? The following is an easy guide for proper storage solutions. 🙂

How To Store Your Cannabis Properly.

Honestly. One of my biggest pet peeves is improperly stored bud. I had one friend who always left their bag and even my own stash, wide open. Leaving behind dry, brittle buds to smoke, and if you know anything, powder bud is awful and will burn in an instant. So proper storage is crucial to keep your bud fresh and potent.

Thankfully, you have me to provide you with some helpful storage solutions. 

Properly Storing Your Cannabis 2

What About Dispensary Cannabis?

How long your cannabis lasts, is going to first start off with the quality of the bud purchased. When you purchase your cannabis from a dispensary, you are already getting a higher quality bud. This means that the bud will keep longer than purchasing with other methods. Dispensaries are pretty good for their workmanship, but your cannabis can already have been put thru quite a bit before it gets to you. Did you know that light exposure will affect the quality? 

It’s hard to judge the quality of your cannabis unless you are producing your own. It’s wise to do some research on your dispensary before purchasing a large quantity that you want to last you a while. But some signs that your cannabis has lost its touch are:

  • Avoid plastic baggie dispensaries.
  • Check out the amount of light exposure the bud has been left in.
  • And if the bud is not contained, how long has it been sitting out for?

Cannabis is in the end, an herb. And like all other herbs, proper storage will greatly increase it’s lifetime. If you just leave your cannabis out, you are only ruining your product. What a waste!!

Storing Your Cannabis:

You know what’s really bad for you? Synthetic estrogen, in other words. BPA. Now BPA is found in plastics and therefore is something that you do not want to be keeping your herb in. Your best option is glass. But there are quite a few more options;


The CVault are food grade stainless steel storage containers. Available in a wide variety of sizes, and are completely light-proof, smell proof and air-tight! This option is more expensive, but it comes with some pretty sweet features such as a humidity stabilizer that keeps the container at 62%. This feature lasts six months and then will need to have a replacement humidity pack inserted.

Properly Storing Your Cannabis Vape GirlsVacuum Seal.

Vacuum seals are pretty nifty, especially when you are traveling outside your home and don’t want to smell like a skunk! This option, unfortunately, uses plastic, but no fear! Companies have begun using BPA free plastics, as well some have the option for a wide mouth which can be used with glass jars! Vacuum seals are great because they are airtight. Meaning your bud can last even longer without the fear of meeting air!


A glass is your best option, as far as functionality goes, it’s also the best option price wise.

You will need to pick the appropriately sized jar for you bud, you don’t want your bud to be packed tight, but also not too big because this allows excess air into the jar.  When picking a jar, you will want to choose one that has a silicone or rubber seal to ensure your jar is airtight! If you wish, you may choose an opaque jar, but as long as you keep it in a dark place, your cannabis will be good!


5 Tricks To Keeping Your Cannabis Longer.


You will need to moderate the temperature if it is too hot. Your stash will begin to sweat, sweat leads to mold. Smoking moldy cannabis may not be something you want to do. Too cold, and the trichomes on your cannabis will become brittle and break off. This will ultimately lower the potency of your cannabis, and who really wants that?

Light Exposure:

*Hiss ahhh the light! It burns! Your cannabis may not be a vampire. But it still is not a fan of the light. Think of it like the red headed stepchild. They for sure do not need to be left out in the light of day. The light will slowly degrade the trichomes. Trichomes get you high.


You know “shake”? Well, you get shake from handling your bud too much. This means by jostling or touching the cannabis, you are breaking down the trichomes and the integrity of the bud. As well the “sticky fingers” you get from handling cannabis is the trichomes coming off the bud. Say au revoir to the potency of your cannabis. Try to choose a dispensary that handles their weed with chopsticks!

Oxygen Exposure: Properly Storing Your Cannabis 4

When choosing your storage method, the most important thing to consider is the size of the container. You never want to pack your bud into the container, but rather keep a little bit of breathing room. If you choose a container that is too large, you are allowing excess air in, this will dry out your bud and lower the potency of your stash.


Humidity is crucial, the ideal humidity for cannabis is 65%, but can go as low as 50%. Too much humidity and your cannabis will then mold, this is dangerous to smoke and may ruin your whole stash. Too little humidity and your bud will become brittle, less potent and more harsh to smoke.

Now I know the question of storing your cannabis in the freezer will come up. This is kind of a controversial question. But as I said before in the temperature section. That storing your cannabis in too cold temperatures. Will actually break down the trichomes on the bud, so no. I do not think you should keep your bud in the freezer. But if you want to, then no shame in your game. To each their own, smoke on! 🙂

Has My Stash Gone Bad?

Uh oh, so now you are looking at your stash, wondering if you waited too long. If you vacuum seal your stash, you will not need to check on it often.  Just remember to keep it in a dark, slightly below room temperature area. You do not want to keep opening up your container, this will only allow more air to reach your bud.

Some indications that your bud has spoiled are;

  • Mold.
  • Dry brittle buds.
  • Loss of odour.
  • Condensation on the inside of the jar.
  • Loss of colour.

These are all storage for dried cannabis. Please be advised that edibles and concentrates are stored differently. Edibles are to be treated as refrigerated and should be eaten best before the date on the package. Concentrates should be stored in a cool, dark area. Such as your refrigerator.