Private Reserve is one of the most potent Og Kush strains around. This packs a very powerful punch. I knocked me off my feet with only a couple of tokes. Not recommended for the novice’s. Heavy couch locking can take place as it were. For me it was like getting a bail of weed dropped on and in my head. Let me tell you in this private Reserve Review.

Private Reserve Review

Luckily I had my girl Shuga with me and we were in a grove of palm beach on a white sand beach in the Caribbean. We had just smoked a couple hits Private Reserve. The huge sound system behind it was pumping vintage reggae at a volume we could feel. If heaven is like this it would be just perfect as heaven should be. A couple of our Rasta friends Lion head and Smokey dropped buy with some spicy coconut shrimp. We asked the price and they said we could pay them wit dat special ganja mon! 

Beautiful Blonde Relaxing in Tropical Place

So we sat as with the cool sea breeze whafted through our irie space. We left after an hour of snorkeling and hiked to Smokey’s tree house where we had another toke.

The local band Vibezcool climbed up with some acoustic instruments and let me sit in on bongo’s. We sparked a spliff of Private Reserve and jammed until sunset and then went to a big beach bonfire. Their was a group of 20 swimsuit models dancing around to to a pulsating hypnotic beat.

It was an awesome night with a bright moon shining down like a giant yellow neon eye. Once again we partook of the spiffage and roasted special marshmallow’s. Shuga out shone all the women there and I was so proud of her.

This was definitely one of the best days of my life. Private Reserve made it a cosmic event to say the least.