Presidential OG Marijuana Strain ReviewThe voters have spoken and elected our Presidential OG Marijuana Strain Review for your reading pleasure. Hail to the Chief takes on new meaning with this great strain. Smoke some of this 23% THC level strain and you will be making about as much sense as our new President does each time he opens his not so Presidential mouth.

I smoked a lot of doobies while watching the debates this year. I had to. How could any sane person not smoke sitting through those torturous squabblings. I have to say I really enjoyed watching Trump during those carnival-esque presentations.

That having been said, as funny as it was watching him make a mockery of our country and and everyone around him, it quickly became less funny as he gained momentum. And then he won. Well, I smoked a whole bag of this good stuff that day. We can’t blame him though. He did and said everything in his power to make himself un-electable.

Presidential OG Marijuana Strain Review

Presidential OG Marijuana Strain ReviewThe Commander in Chief is an Indica strain. And as stated it is a 23% powerhouse. This is not a marijuana strain for the kids. This is for the seasoned veterans only. And I mean that both literally and metaphorically. But I will get back to that later. The Prez is the love child of Bubblegum and OG Kush. If you are familiar with those strains then you will surely understand that this is no 3rd world leader of a strain. Presidential is Presidential and therefore aptly named.

The taste is pungent like all skunks. Also she’s a citrus flavored weed. It has earthy flavors and aromas as well. The Prez delivers relaxation both mentally and physically. Mostly it’s a highly sought after medical strain. All sorts of mental disorders benefit from it’s usage. For example, PTSD. Our soldiers finally have a President they can admire.

So, in conclusion I would like to remind you all of a very “Presidential” quote that gets me through my long and stress filled days. ¬†Abraham Lincoln once said to his wife Mary, ” Honey I have had a long and difficult day. Would you be a dear and bring my bong up to the oval office?”