Prescription Drugs vs Medical Marijuana

Where to begin? Wow, Prescription Drugs vs Medical Marijuana. There’s just no contest here who the unanimous winner is and the plethora of reasons why. Let’s get right to the point. Shall we? Medical Marijuana is far and away the most versatile medication known to man. And although there are many prescription drugs that work and are needed, there are many more that not only do not do what they claim, they end up causing more damage than good. The negative side affects are endless and terrifying. But in order to make a credible Prescription Drugs vs. Medical Marijuana argument, we must really break down both. And make unbiased cases for both sides.

Prescription Drugs The Pros

Prescription drugs certainly have their place. Many people would be dead without them. Drugs used for asthma for example allow people to breath. Birth control pills keep women from getting pregnant. Hormone meds regulate otherwise deadly chemical imbalances. And the list goes on and on. Other than the limited diseases and ailments that prescription drugs aid in, prescription drugs don’t heal. They simply band aid the actual problem. So these patient are hooked forever. Sadly, mother nature does a much better job. But as we know there is no money in that. And less money in a healthy educated population.

Prescription Drugs The Cons

Nearly all American adults over 40 years of age use one or more prescription drugs. And over 80% of those use 3 or more drugs in combination. This is exactly what Big Pharma want, a population dependent on their products. These giant and powerful drug companies have no interest in making people healthy. Their sole purpose is making money. Therefore, they are in the business of dependency. The more drugs you take the more you need to take.

There is a grotesque opioid epidemic of epic proportions  in the States right now. Why? Well, the answer is simple. Drugs like Oxycodone are patented and mass produced. Doctors get financial kick backs for each prescription they write. However, their is little to no concern about the addictive nature of this powerful opioid. In 2002 opioid deaths were less than 10,000. By 2016 the annual overdose rate and opioid deaths shot up over 70,000.

Part of the problem with Prescription Drugs vs Medical Marijuana is that when the prescriptions run out the patients have turned into addicts. The Pharmaceutical companies know this. But they could care less. They only want money. And all the while they know very well that marijuana works. However they lie. And they pretend that that is untrue. That is fake news my friends. They pay government officials big bucks to keep marijuana classified as a Type 1 drug. This means you can not even do medical testing. Think about that. Its criminal.

Medical Marijuana The Pros

The benefits of medical marijuana are astronomical and far to many to list here. But we can touch on a few later. You will easily see that Prescription Drugs vs Medical Marijuana is really an unfair contest. It must be noted firstly that marijuana has been used by almost every culture on Earth for 1000’s of years. Let’s face it, we are talking about a natural plant, not a manufactured pill. There exists a 100% consensus amongst doctors that cannabis relieves physical pain. In fact, a recent documentary was released showcasing professional athletes that had been using prescription drugs but have switched to medical cannabis. The results might astound some. But not me. All these athletes suffered horrible negative side affects. They saw only infinitesimal relief from pain. And many became addicted. Is that good medicine? Hell, no. But all found incredible relief from vape pens with THC and CBD.

Medical marijuana treats literally hundreds of ailments both physical and mental. No other drug is close to that versatility. I will only site a few cases, which have been well documented in medical journals the world over. Cannabis helps with glaucoma, epileptic seizures, actually reverses the carcinogenic affects of smoking and improves lung functionality. It helps with Dravet’s Syndrome and stops cancers from spreading.  Cannabis eases Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety and depression, Multiple Sclerosis and muscle spasms. It nullifies side affects of Chemo and Hepatitis C, arthritis, bowel disease and inflammation. Also it increases metabolism and aids in weight loss. Plus it spurs creativity in the brain (just ask The Beatles). Then there’s Cohn’s disease, Parkinson’s and PTSD. It  helps stroke victims, concussions, trauma and reduces alcohol use. And best of all it makes users over all happy and less stressed. These are a few inarguable benefits.

Medical Marijuana The Cons

There are no negative affects of marijuana short of laughter, slight temporary memory loss and a proclivity to watch cartoons. No one has ever overdosed on marijuana. Not one. So, Prescription Drugs vs Medical Marijuana, no contest. And as the genius Porky Pig once said, “That’s all folks!”