Pocket Water Pipe ReviewLooking for a discreet way to smoke your herbage in public. Look no more my friends. This economic water pipe will serve you well. Our Pocket Water Pipe Review will explain just why you need to get this today. 15 bucks is a pretty good reason for starters. The design is very cool as well. This water pipe is not a gimmick. It is just a cheap bong that works pretty good, And best of all it beats the competition hands down when it comes to affordability.

I say buy a few. They certainly make perfets gifts. You can give your friends a a cool discreet and portable bong for 15 dollars. They will think you not only spent much more money than that but that you actually took the time and got a very thoughtful gift. One that they can actaully use.

I got myself 2 because I wanted to try one out and do a review for you fine folks. The second I gave to a friend of mine who also writes reviews. I like to bounce ideas off her and see what her thoughts are on various products. Sometimes she might see something I miss or visa versa. Also I can steal her cool ideas about different ways of presenting the product. She is a far better writer than I am. But I am a much more serious marijuana enthusiast. So we make a good team. Oh, and we both liked this water pipe.

Pocket Water Pipe Review

Pocket Water Pipe ReviewAs far as functionality the water pipe is very simple. You pop off the top put in some water and put the cap back on. You pack you herb right in the cap. Then light up mon. It is as easy as that.

It is very light weight and small. The plastic is fairly durable. So it won’t last forever. Which is why I think it makes a better gift than serious daily use. It would be great for a skiing trip or any trip really. You bring it on the plane unused. Use it while on va ation. Then toss it in the trash.

I found this awesome water pipe on grasscity.com  They have tons of bongs and pipes in all price ranges. But this is probably one of the best deals for a cheap usable throw away bong. And they come in other fun colors that you can choose from.

Well, that’s all folks. If your on a tight budget this Bongs for you!