Plushberry ReviewPlushberry is a Indica dominant hybrid that is quite potent with a THC level of 18%. This fine herb was originally invented by TGA Seeds. Space Queen is in the linage so you know it packs a punch. This strain will leave you couch locked. In my opinion it is best used in the evening. Plushberry is a very relaxing and calming smoke. It produce’s an aroma of a bowl of mixed berries. One of the most sweetest smelling herbs I have ever encountered. I was lucky to have some with as you will see in this Plushberry Review.

Plushberry Review

Last year I was hiking in a remote area of Yellowstone National Park. I needed to get away by myself and into the great outdoors and unwind.  Also my hectic job and my crazy family was only a few of the reasons to get my head together. Hiking deep in the forest for about an hour I stopped and sat on a rock. I rolled a nice fat spliff of Plushberry and sat in silence of nature and relaxed. I decided to break off the tourist path and forge my own. It was amazing to be deep in the forest of giant Redwoods without a soul around. Because of the herb I got quite hungry and started to eat my roast beef sandwhiches from my backpack.

The bear facts

This unfortunately attracted a giant black bear. The closest tree was just 2 feet away and I climbed it like a monkey in about 10 seconds. The bear was crawling up to have me for lunch. The only thing I could do is try to beat it off with a branch. This did not do much good. Moreover it seemed to make the bear more angry. So I pulled out my Plushberry and stuck it in some cheese and threw it down. After about 10 minutes the bear was sleeping. I made it back home to safety thanks to Plushberry !

Natures goodness

Plushberry helps with conditions such as anxiety, ADD, appetite, depression, pain, nausea and seizures.