The Plenty Vaporizer is one of the more unique convection vaporizers I have seen. Once again, industry leaders STORZ & BICKEL are changing the way we vape dry herbs and concentrates. The Plenty Hand Held Vaporizer Review we have today is well worth the read.Plenty Hand Held Vaporizer Review

The Plenty is very quiet and lightweight. And the design is unlike any vaporizer I have ever seen. It  looks more like a cool power tool than a vaporizer. I hide mine in my work truck with my carpenter tools. And, I really doubt any police officer would look at it twice, thinking it were some sort of Herb paraphernalia.

Plenty Hand Held Vaporizer Review

Most notable is the cooling coil. It is a stainless steel double helix that acts as the delivery device. It is very efficient as it delivers vapor from a hot air generator to the mouthpiece. The entire unit only weighs 1.5 lbs and its dimension measure 7.9 by 6.1 by 2.4 inches. Ultimately, it fits really well in the hand. I really like the design and how it sits on the table.

The Plenty doesn’t have a whole lot of gadgets to complicate your vaping experience. That is important to me as well. There are no balloons, whips or pumps. And, there are no fragile glass parts that are so easy to break and a pain in the ass to continually clean.

Over all the Plenty is a really sweet and simple, sharp looking vaporizer. It burns evenly and effectively, is solidly built and well priced.

Plenty Hand Held Vaporizer Review – Specs

Plenty Hand Held Vaporizer ReviewThe temperature range is a nice 130 degrees to 202 degrees. You can easily read where the temp is on the analog thermometer. The temperature control is independent and works with an automatic switch-off. STORZ & BICKEL offer a 3 year guarantee.

An extra-wide herb chamber is what really sets the Plenty apart. Surface area is crucial for high quality draws. The chamber is enormous so you can really pack in the herb. This is a true vaporizer with mostly convection heating. I have used much more expensive units that do not have anywhere near as potent a vapor as the Plenty.

Most noteworthy, the cooling coil rocks. And, it really does cool off the vapor. Therefor, aside from the look, which really makes the unit cool, it actually serves a function, and well. So, simply pack it of your favorite herb and getting vaping.

There is a simple on and off button and a dial that goes from 1-7 to control the temperature. So, you can reach the maximum of 202 degrees in about 3 minutes.

Plenty Hand Held Vaporizer Review- Summary

So, should you buy The Plenty? Plenty Hand Held Vaporizer ReviewWell, the answer is yes. However, this is not a portable vaporizer as it needs to be plugged into an outlet. And, it ‘s not really a desktop either like S&B’s super famous Volcano.

They have actually created a product somewhere in the middle. But, this is not surprising, as it comes from the most innovative vaporizer company in the World. Due to that, I knew I would like the Plenty, a lot. But, if you are portable person you should check out their Mighty or their Crafty, both great models.

The asking price of $299.00 is a bit steep. But, I found that the quality and the vapability warrant the investment. In conclusion, I like the The Plenty and would recommend it to my friends. But, I am a little hesitant to try and justify the price.

However, I won’t bother fighting over it. So, I will simply say there are plenty of reasons to buy The Plenty.

And PLENTY of fun times ahead !