Pitbull Marijuana Strain ReviewThe dogs are barking and this Pitbull Marijuana Strain Review is about to take a bite out of your day. Have you ever smoked a 25% marijuana strain? If you have not I suggest you “unleash” this slowly. This stuff would knock Snoop Dogg and Willy Nelson for a loop. At 80% Indica this strain is not for the faint of heart. But if you can handle deep relaxation then by all means keep reading.

Pitbull is a beautiful flower. Take a look at those rich crystals and deep colored leaves. The aroma is a sweet lavender with lemony hints. Likewise, the taste is really sensational. Even the smoke is fruity and fresh. Also, the high is immediate. A real instaneous relaxation powers through your body like a dull electric charge.

Pitbull Marijuana Strain Review

Pitbull Marijuana Strain Review


Pitbull’s strong Indica dominance is nicely blended with the 20%  sativa. Therefore, you can expect that your calm state of mind and body will lead to laughter and creativity. This mad dog of a strain came from the kennels of P-91 and Sugar Plum. That explains both the potency and the nice flavors. Once the dog bites on your leg he hangs on for awhile. You can expect pretty much a full day of calm and tranquil well being.

Pitbull is not only one of the best strains to come out of the Pacific Northwest, it is also one of the best strains in the world. Although the CBD levels are very low the medicinal value is highly sought after. All manner of body pain suffers find salvation with the Pitbull. And as a calm body leads to a calm mind, patients with mental disorders of all sorts likewise benefit.

I really enjoyed the high I got from Pitbull. Well, I think it’s time to bust out the credit card and put in my order. It’s been awhile. And I really like the strain.