Pink Starburst ReviewPink Starburst will send you the star’s and you will be a star. This very potent bodacious bud is a product Manali West. With a out of this world THC level of up to 32%. A hybrid that is a marvellous mix of Headband, DJ Short’s Blueberry and AJ sour Diesel. One toke from this wondrous weed will have baked like fresh cosmic muffin. Definitely not for the novice. Soothing and relaxing it is indeed. Yet happy and euphoric this great ganja has it all with energetic creativity as you will see in this Pink Starburst Review.

Pink Starburst Review

Two month’s ago I was sitting around toking some Pink Starburst with my band All Time High. My band mates Spanky Buttons, Mr. Crickets and Soupbone and I had just laid down some awesome psychedelic reggae tracks for our new album Sonic Garden Slug. We then a heard a strange clanking sound and then there was a knock at the door. Before I could answer it,¬† my time traveling friends¬†suddenly appeared in the room. The band screamed with fright and I quickly calmed them down explaining who they were. Baron Wolfgang von Frankenschnitzel and his wife the ultra gorgeous neon tattooed Zukie la Rue bowed gracefully and greeted them with a smile.


They had heard we were possession of one of the most potent doobage on the planet. Plus they were big fan’s of All Time High. They invited us into the future. So the year would be 3047 and they wanted us to play the Supersonic Milky Way music festival. Moreover they wanted a good supply of Pink Starburst. We were excited to say the least. So the Biokenetic Orbiton Selector whisked us off to an adventure beyond belief. Crowds of beautiful kind music lovers were dancing and loving our music. Although they thought our clothes were strange and old. We toked some Pink Starburst with neon and glittery future humans and could not be happier. Try it and you will find it out of this world. Now is the time.

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