Pink Kush is an Indica dominant hybrid that is a relative of the famous OG Kush strain. Covered in pink hairs the buds are covered in with beautiful white trichomes. The aroma has a nice sweet vanilla smell that is quite enticing.This is quite potent smoke so only a couple of hits will take you were you want to be. Pink Kush has a very uplifting and euphoric and sensation. A very social herb that is great for social gathering’s as you will see in this Pink Kush Review. 

Seductive woman Vaping pink background

Pink Kush Review

I was fortunate to attend the Burning man festival a few years back. So I and have to say It is one of the most surreal and mind blowing event’s that I have ever witnessed. My friends and I packed up and headed to the Black Rock Desert in Nevada.

This is a place of sensory overload. Bringing a nice bag of Pink Kush sent it over the top. There were strange people dressed in the most outlandish costumes. Each one completely different and strange. Also vehicles that were right out of a Mad Max movie.

Everybody had an interesting story of why they were there and what it meant to them. It was like being on another planet.


I was thinking if aliens had landed they would freak out and blend in. As night fell the place took on a different feel. People were toking and eating some great healthy food. The music was great and eclectic. We just wandered around and made friends. I especially liked the Octopus lady and Sherlock Homeboy. This is something to see as to believe. At the end of the festival They burn the giant Burning Man effigy. I stood there stoned on Pink Kush and was in awe. I highly recommend this event which is unlike anything else in the world !


Pink Kush has some very good medicinal attributes which include uses or insomnia, pain, depression, lack of appetite, and most of all stress.